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Charity International Inc mission is to provide help to abandoned and exploited children throughout Indonesia, Africa, and India. Our mission is to build Christian academies. Our perception of a Christian academy is a special kind of orphanage which is both a school and home where neglected children are cared for and taught how to live successful lives. Through education, key life skill training and vocational training, we equip children to build a new and hopeful future. This is turn aids in the development of their self confidence and social skills.

Charity International forms partnerships in places where local churches are active and focused on caring for children who are ensnared in poverty. We love this shared faith and sense of purpose. It's a partnership that works. Charity International's decision to partner with local churches is a strategic one. This enables the community to have a voice in the decision making and take ownership of the project.


"Thank you for Charity International's prayers and the support towards our children's home. When we were unable to provide school uniforms to our orphanage children, your support enabled us to purchase uniforms as well as food and materials for all the children. We are thankful to you and our children will remember your kindness always."

Pastor T George
Eternal Life Children's Home
Tamil Nadu, India

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