Charity Intl exists to show a caring face to a hurting world. There are so many people in our world that just barely exist. Billions survive on less than a couple of dollars a day. Many suffer from poor health, little or no food, they're drinking polluted water, if they can get it. And we believe that as Christians we have a responsibility to reach out to these people and make a difference.

Charity International works to facilitate people's development to the point where they are empowered to take care of themselves. Your donations don't just buy things, they buy solutions. Our vision is working with people to help them find a way to solve their own dilemmas.

Many of the children we have encountered in various countries are children who  live or work on the streets. These children have no one to protect them and are subject to both sexual and financial exploitation, as well as the dangers of drugs, rape, violence, HIV/AIDS, and poverty. Charity International, Inc. is helping children who have no place else to turn, children who are all alone, and on the edge of survival. These children desperately need help and hope. We support Christian orphanages that help provide abandoned or neglected children with a safe place to live and give them one-on-one care. Charity International Inc. will provide assistance to orphanages for what they need to help the maximum amount of lives in their area.

Our aim is to rescue and restore young lives broken by poverty, oppression, exclusion, abuse, and to provide appropriate opportunities for a better future for them as well as their future generations.

"Dear Charity International,
It is with profound gratitude that we share with you this letter.
We were blessed by your organization with prayers and with
a donation of 60 Spanish Bibles which we shared among teenagers at an event in our church. The event name was Esgrima 2013. The attendees were numerous so we had to meet at our parking lot. Youths from various Christian churches in the area attended and some of them also invited their friends and neighbors. With this kind of events we encourage teenagers to read the Bible, and with your blessing, we were able to provide one Bible to those who have never had one. They were very happy to have a Bible of their own."

Pastor Alberto Rios
Iglesia Dos Olivas
Ciudad Juarez, Mexico


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