Al Yorker
Director of Operations

Al Yorker has been traveling internationally for over 10 years doing Global Evangelism and Missions Work. He has been to Nigeria, Kenya, India, South Africa, Indonesia and many other countries and has provided food, shelter and Bibles to many small villages within these countries that do not receive much help from the local governments. Here in the U.S. Al oversees the Community Action Team in Florida that reaches out to many different communities in the area. The Team has repaired homes, floors and roofs for the elderly, providing free labor as well as the materials. They have also promoted many events including back to school parties for children as well as outreaches against drugs in various communities. The Community Action Team also serves food at homeless shelters and holds services and Bible studies in various Florida jails and prisons.

As director of operations for Charity International, Yorker’s duties are to help decide which Missions work will be the most suitable for our operations as well as assist in planning of overseas trips and scheduling. He also develops our contacts in various countries to establish our relationships with local churches and governments in those nations and villages.

Al and his wife Paula have both been ordained as Ministers and have one daughter together, Sia.