What people say

Rescue Outreach Mission – Florida
"As our brothers and sisters in Christ, we are most grateful for your commitment to helping the homeless and the mission. Charity International's willingness to lend a kind hand and touch the lives of hurting individuals by sharing the word and providing spiritual guidance helps to empower and leads to healing for so many. The teams compassion for others is such a wonderful gift." - Sharon Whitley Rescue Outreach Mission, Inc. Sanford, Florida
United Way Regional Director- New York
"Thank you Charity International for partnering with United Way to create a lasting impact in the lives of Hurricane Sandy survivors. The generous contribution will be used by local United Ways along the eastern seaboard to address the near and long-term recovery needs of communities that FEMA has declared disaster areas. Support from Charity International will help individuals and families rebuild their lives by connecting them to financial benefits, providing access to mental health and trauma-related services, as well as addressing their ongoing basic needs, such as food and utilities assistance." - United Way Regional Director Jillian Niesley
Eternal Life Children’s Home – India
"Thank you for Charity International's prayers and the support towards our children's home. When we were unable to provide school uniforms to our orphanage children, your support enabled us to purchase uniforms as well as food and materials for all the children. We are thankful to you and our children will remember your kindness always." -Pastor T George Eternal Life Children's Home Tamil Nadu, India
Iglesia Dos Olivas – Mexico
"Dear Charity International, It is with profound gratitude that we share with you this letter. We were blessed by your organization with prayers and with a donation of 60 Spanish Bibles which we shared among teenagers at an event in our church. The event name was Esgrima 2013. The attendees were numerous so we had to meet at our parking lot. Youths from various Christian churches in the area attended and some of them also invited their friends and neighbors. With this kind of events we encourage teenagers to read the Bible, and with your blessing we were able to provide one Bible to those who have never had one. They were very happy to have a Bible of their own." - Pastor Alberto Rios Iglesia Dos Olivas Ciudad Juarez, Mexico